Conventionally, healthy is being  “in a good physical and mental condition “.

But the definition of healthy can be different for everyone. For some its maintaining a well developed physique, for some a well nourished and healthy intake of food, for some its being disease free, for some its a better health compared to the past, for some its pure mental health.

Well, whatever may be the definition, there is always one thing common.


Happiness is the one feeling we get when we see ourselves healthy. Though happiness is a mental state, it has everything to do with physical health.

‘Grass is greener on the other side’. We always find happiness in attaining things we dont have. Happiness for every person comes in different way. For an obese person, it can be losing few kgs after hard work. For a athlete, it can be following the diet and workout. For a poor person, it can it getting  rich which he has always dreamt of and thus give a nice mental stability and satisfaction.

Being healthy is important for all and is one of the best feeling. Its time to find out your definition  of healthy. And get to work. There is nothing better  than being healthy in your own special definition.

                            *Good luck *


Easy? Hard?

Its easy to be a girl with no lovers. A girl with  a hope of finding her lover boy. Being a girl who thinks  that you’ll fine the one who will fit in all the quotes you every read about love. The one who will dedicate all the romantic songs to you. That boy who will love her forever and keep her happy. You know whats hard? Hard is being a girl who has tons of lovers. But not a single one who actually loves her. Hard is being a girl who thought she found the right guy and giving it all to him, then realising she was just a toy, and now he is going for another one. Hard is finding out your lover being in love with someone else. Hard is pretending that everything is fine. Hard is still keeping it up with life.

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